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Adam Jones bronze sculpture

Price: $6,500.00
An exquisite bronze sculpture, hand modeled by Tool's lead guitarist and founder, Adam Jones, is now being sold to help raise funds for the Church of Sacred Mirrors.  The subject of this unusual piece is a dissected human figure, grimacing as his hands penetrate his own flesh, suggesting a painful self-analysis.   Jones art work often features the body in positions of surreal and tormented vulnerability.  This is his first bronze.  The sculpture is being released in a limited edition of 30 works, now priced at $6,500 and scheduled to increase in price as the edition is sold.  This is a unique opportunity to collect a rare and significant work of art by a masterful multi-talented artist.    Jones, a Grammy Award winner who was called "one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all times" by Rolling Stone magazine, originally trained in the art of makeup effects and worked on such blockbuster movies as Nightmare on Elm Street, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2.  Jones is an award winning graphic artist, who has art-directed every Tool album, and created his own comic series.   Jones is legendary as a filmmaker for all of Tool's music videos, where his bizarre visions of the existential human condition are brought to full hallucinatory crystallization.

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