Secret Writing - Pendant

Secret Writing - Pendant

$ 25.00

Product Description

Artist: Allyson Grey
Product Type: Accessories

Base Metal option includes 16" leather lariat.

Sterling Silver pendant with Leather Cord option includes 20 inch cord.

Sterling Silver option includes distinctive 18" sterling silver box chain.åÊ

"Intending to create spiritual art, I feel naturally attracted to abstraction and to a written sacred language. Every known religion reveres its holy writing. Sacred writing of all faiths, however, come into conflict through human interpretation as the written word defines the differences of philosophy and traditions, when truly the basis of all religion is unity and infinite love. In 1975 I began writing automatically in an invented or transmitted language. I do not give meaning to the symbols in my art as it is meaning that separates experience from expression. The alphabet that I use points to the notion of a sacred language beyond meaning. Some of the works call to mind the experience of seeing an illuminated text in a foreign language and religion. In recent work, I combine the icons of perfection (the Jewel Net) with the secret language, and images of chaos. Chaos in my art is the entropy of the units of spectrally arranged squares using a system of "planned randomness", allowing every spectral unit to fall apart in a variety of ways -- squares falling off of a corner or the spectral unit exploding from the center, etc. The three elements used in my work, Chaos, Order and Secret Writing, are non-literal representations of the sacred."

-Allyson Grey

Base Metal pendants are comprised of mostly Zinc, Copper and Tin. There is no Lead, Nickel or Cadmium.


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