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ENTHEON AUCTION NOW LIVE! Click Here to Learn More

Secret Writing Flat Ring

$ 135.00

This item is made to order based on your specifications. Please be sure to order the correct size, as we cannot accommodate returns or exchanges. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Wear or gift a ring that resonates with the ineffable knowledge of the universe while showing your support for visionary art and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Circling the exterior of this flat band is an inscription of the twenty letters that comprise the Secret Alphabet of Allyson Grey. 

The Secret Writing ring is available in 6mm and 8mm widths, either sterling silver or 14k gold. Special orders of rose gold and white gold can be accommodated upon request. Please email before placing your order.

"Secret Writing, free of implicit meaning, refers to the mysterious language of creative expression. Every known religion reveres its holy writing. Written word leaves a record of a culture, their philosophy and traditions.  In 1975, I first witnessed secret writing during a state of heightened perception. Meaning separates experience from expression. Secret Writing points to a sacred language beyond meaning, the language of creative expression unique in every being."    -- Allyson Grey

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