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Limited Edition Gold Mystic Eye Signet Ring

This item is made to order based on your specifications. Please be sure to order the correct size, as we cannot accommodate returns or exchanges. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

This solid 14k yellow gold signet ring is a numbered limited edition of 222 and is sure to be an heirloom for the ages.

Wear or gift a ring that resonates with the ineffable knowledge of the universe while showing your support for visionary art and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. 

The “Eye of Spirit” or eye in the triangle, is an ancient symbol representing the singularity of God. In sacred geometry, the upward pointing triangle, like a flame, represents the mind. With the eye, the symbol can be interpreted as “higher vision.”
To see God, one must look through God’s eye.

Secret Language is an original intuited alphabet and essential element in Allyson’s art that represents the “sacred language of creativity.” Out of God’s eye comes the language of creative expression.

**Larger and smaller sizes are available by special request.**

by: CoSM

$ 2,220.00

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