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Lightworker - Poster

Poster dimensions 18 inches x 24 inches

"Lightworker portrays a man holding a lightning bolt in the shape of a sine wave, the universal symbol of energy. There is danger in the task, he treads a thin wire. The saw blade halo around his head represents the incisive brilliance that cuts through obstacles with sharp vision. Over his head spirals a funnel of golden flame signifying the higher source that ultimately guides all good works. The transparent anatomical figure characterizes a universal human defined by science. This x-ray view into a imaginal world reveals a subtle energetic matrix enveloping the Lightworker. Every pulse of energy or information flowing through a wire or through space is powered by human intelligence. The intention of the Lightworker image is to inspire an uplifting vision commemorating the heroic efforts made by those that bring us the energy, information, light and wisdom we gratefully utilize in our lives." excerpt from Net of Being by Alex Grey

by: Alex Grey

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