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Sacred Mirrors Frame Replica & Card Set

Dimensions: 6 x 12" 

Reproduction of the Sacred Mirrors Frames.

Each frame is made from solid cast metal.

Comes with a Sacred Mirrors Card Set & Lenticular

The Sacred Mirrors series is a totally unique work of contemporary sacred art created by Alex Grey between the years of 1979-89. This installation of framed images, consisting of paintings and two etched mirrors, examines the anatomy of body, mind and spirit in rich detail. Each painting presents a life-sized figure facing viewers and inviting them to mirror the images, creating a sense of seeing into oneself. By open-minded aesthetic contemplation of the Sacred Mirrors, ones identity shifts from a material body to spiritual light. The life-sized representations of the human body, portraying its physical and energetic systems, are both scientifically precise and vividly visionary. The Sacred Mirrors dramatically reveal the miracle of life's evolutionary complexity, the unity of human experience across all racial, class and gender divides, and the astonishing vistas of possibility inherent in human consciousness. Alex Grey art combines ancient wisdom, anatomical accuracy, and post-modern eclecticism to produce elegant, universally accessible, eternally relevant and resonant symbols.

NOTE: International frame orders do not include glass.

by: Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

$ 375.00

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