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CoSM Journal 6

CoSM Journal Volume 6: Human/Nature
Creative Director and Designer, Marisa Scirocco
Managing Editor, Delvin Solkinson
Chief Editors, Alex and Allyson Grey
8x5 x 5.5 full color
Printed in 2010

This 160 page journal features many eco-visionaries helping to save our planet: bee keeper David Wolfe, earth activist Julia Butterfly Hill , Omega Institute CEO Skip Backus, visionary author J.P. Harpignies, raw food Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, deep ecologist John Seed, eco-psychologist Ralph Metzner, mycologist Paul Stamets, and eco-art curator Amy Lipton. It also includes dedications to the passing of geologian Thomas Berry and shaman Pablo Amaringo.This new media is a garden of visionary nature art from all continents of the world including the internationally renowned nature painters Walton Ford and Alexis Rockman, fantastic realist Brigid Marlin, Santo Daime artist Isabela Maria Hartz, the imaginary cityscapes of Akiko Endo, master wood block artist Mitsuru Nagashima, sculptor extraordinaire Kate Raudenbush, visionaries Alex Grey, Mark Ryden, Steven Kenny, Allyson Grey, Daniel Mirante, and Being with Flowers Anthony Ward among other recognized and beloved artists from each continent.

by: CoSM Press

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