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CoSM Journal 10, Love Edition

Permaculture Design Deck

A creative card deck sharing the largest collection of permaculture principles, strategies, attitudes, ethics and design methods. These cards can support your permaculture practice, learning, teaching, designing and consulting.

A portion on the proceeds from sales of this deck go to support Permaculture at CoSM.

The 230 card deck features text from Delvin Solkinson sharing Permaculture Design Core Concepts learned from Bill Mollison, Rosemary Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Michael Becker, Toby Hemenway, Larry Santoyo, Susun Weed, Robin Clayfield, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Starhawk & Looby Macnamara. Additional contributions were inspired by Rob Hopkins, Dave Boehnlein, Max Lindegger, Graham Bell, Richard Wallner, Mark Lakeman, Doug Bullock, Andrew Faust, Penny Livingston-Stark, Ian McHarg and P.A. Yeomans. Core source inspiration from Robin Clayfield whose many card decks and games led to this creation. Special thanks to Maddy Harland for her mentorship and support.

The cards are divided into five suits:

  • Design Principles
  • Ethical Principles
  • Attitudinal Principles
  • Strategic Principles
  • Design Methods

There are three additional bonus sets included: 

  • 7 Ways to Think Differently
  • Design Web
  • Grounded Gardening 

Featuring beautiful permaculture illustration by Brenna Quinlan, the cards can be used to gamify experiences and education in the classroom, garden or home.

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by: Delvin

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