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My purpose as an artist is multifaceted, yet clear: to be a prism of vision, an instrument of light, awakening consciousness through artistic insight.  To inspire…to express and evoke love…to create windows into both the past and the future from the unfolding Present….

…to bring vision to life and paint portals to the in*phi*net…..

My paintings are explorations into multidimensional landscapes woven through intricate sacred geometries. Within the tiniest of atoms to the largest of galaxies are fundamental geometric rhythms of energy that unify Creation. Through the symbolic language of colors and shapes, I offer windows of understanding into the profound possibilities of divine harmony. My style is an ever-evolving process of quest and discovery, memory and moment, intention and intuition.

I actively work to enrich culture and community with conscious artworks. Accompanying musicians as a performance painter, live painting provides a unique environment to create work saturated with both sound and the essence of the moment while simultaneously allowing the viewer to participate in the process. Ultimately, I humbly offer my gift of inspiration to the world in hopes that it may ripple outwards and catalyze the evolution of consciousness.