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Chakra - Poster

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$ 25.00

This is a signed poster of an original work by the artist Aloria Weaver.

Signed by the artist!
4.5 inches x 23.25 inches
Printed on hemp paper
Full Color, Black Border

Through AIT, I learned to feel the energetic centers within my body, as well as to locate emotional or physical sensations in corresponding chakras, and to clear obstructions from my bioenergetic field. I learned to differentiate between the experience of a clear and open chakra, and a blocked one. Being a visual person, I sought images that would correlate to what I was experiencing. None of the chakra depictions I could find even came close. They were all two-dimensional representations, many crudely drawn. The more artistic versions still appeared flat, and were sometimes less accurate (the thousand-petaled lotus or crown chakra was often represented with only 50 or 200 petals). I grew inspired to create a series of images that could be used as tools for healing work and meditation; something that would have a more multi-dimensional feel, and that would be a more accurate representation of my own experience.