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The Great Destroyer

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for creation prior to shipping.

By Dan Schaub Designs
This piece was largely inspired by the Buddhist and Hindu deity Yama. Yama is lord of death, destruction, and the cycle of rebirth. He symbolizes the inevitable entropy of the universe and is revered as a great spiritual guardian. Like Shiva, Kali and other eastern religion deities of disillusion he is seen as a dismantler of the ego and past negative Karma, his destruction being seen as a liberating force rather than a negative one. Channel your negative emotions and past wounds into the mouth portal of Yama and allow him to consume and dissolve these forces. Or hang it on a wall as a reminder of death, not as something to fear but something motivating you to live each day to the fullest as if it were your last.

It was made with a laser cutter using 1/4 birch plywood which is then stained and glued together.

It is about 18 by 18 inches .

For every wooden wall sculpture sold I donate to the National Forest Foundation to have a tree planted in one of our National Forests. Giving back and being environmentally conscious is very important to me, I wish to make my artwork a force for positive change.

Every piece will vary slightly in color due to the use of natural materials. Due to material properties there may be small chips on the surface.