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Spiral Genesis - Poster

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$ 30.00

Spiral Genesis - Oil on Canvas - 2004

11 inches x 17 inches

This is a poster of an original work by the artist Mark Henson.

The source of creation spews forth millions of forms of life,
each unique,each capable of reproduction.
The secret of divine creation is activated by love, passion and desire.
We are all of this.
The immortal aspects are the source permeating our being.
We feel the richness through time and space.
Our freedoms expand as we include all life.
We come and go, appear and disappear
as we choose to identify with a limited viewpoint of one thing or another.

Ecoprints are printed with soy ink on hemp or tree free paper. They are signed. They are color rich, but should be kept out of direct sunlight. The image is centered in a white border. They come in an eco-wrap (biodegradable) with tree free backing.