Visionary Artist CD Set

Visionary Artist CD Set

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Artist: Alex Grey
Product Type: Media

4 CD Audio Set

Any one who attempts self-expression through art has touched the "secret power of vision" from which all great art flowers. The artist Alex Grey, who has evoked awe, rapture, and controversy over the past 20 years, is our preeminent explorer of this deep realm where creativity and divinity merge. On The Visionary Artist, Grey's first work on audio, he personally guides us to these mystical places through a full curriculum of intensive, mind-expanding "vision practices." Along with these visualization exercises, Grey discusses the soul renewing potential of creativity. A longtime student of meditation, shamanism, and transpersonal psychology, Grey leads listeners up and down the ladder of consciousness to retrieve the transcendental visions our souls are constantly painting. From exercises on form, color, and imagery - to the energetic structures of reality - to the universal source of all creation, Grey's system for artistic exploration guides us along the sacred path of art, while dissolving the boundaries of reality along the way. Artists in virtually any discipline will appreciateGrey's view of art as a revelatory and healing force. The VisionaryArtist plunges us into a mystery that is at least 40,000 years old:the true mission of art in human experience.