Cannabis Sutra - Paper Print

Cannabis Sutra - Paper Print

$ 1,000.00

Product Description

Artist: Alex Grey
Product Type: Print

Limited Edition giclee print
On archival paper — edition of 50
Printed exquisitely on archival, deckle-edged paper using permanent ink.
Each print is proofed, numbered & signed by Alex Grey.
Price increases as the edition becomes rare.

The title "Cannabis Sutra" refers to the story of Buddha’s "Flower Sutra." Monks await the master's daily teaching when Buddha gracefully picks up a flower and holds it silently. One monk is suddenly enlightened. This is considered the basis for spontaneous awakening at the foundation of Zen. When the Cannabis Leaf is upheld we witness the most ancient sacred healing plant ally of humanity. To see that such a healing boon is offered by the earth and enhanced through cultivation for thousands of years, reveals the compassionate intelligence of nature, thereby the cosmos, thereby the source of the cosmos.
                                                            – Alex Grey on the painting "Cannabis Sutra"


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