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Vision Crystal Tondo
Limited Release: 300 Piece - 19" Round Puzzle
Comes in a collectible Tin Box!

"I painted Vision Crystal after seeing it during a meditation. It appeared as a multidimensional living crystal, glowing and growing, continuing to sprout facets with eyes seeing in all directions. Each eye in each facet of the Vision Crystal seemed to symbolize a different world view, all views being part of some integrated vision. The vast history of human culture exposes us to multiple views of self and world, and this transcendental object, the Vision Crystal, pointed to humanities ongoing and evolving mind expansion.

In the center of the Vision Crystal is the energizing sun of universal creativity, the source of all visions manifested as the Eye of God. Every being is a facet of God's unfolding infinite vision, refracting the light of awareness in their own unique way."

-Alex Grey

by: Alex Grey

$ 55.00

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