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Adam and Eve Sketchbook

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$ 25.00

The image depicted on the front of the sketchbook is a laser cut replication of the painted front doors of CoSM NYC. It holds 80 sheets of 6"x6" acid free 65 lb paper.


"On the front doors of CoSM in NYC were painted Adam and Eve, primal man and woman, woven within a sacred geometric template of proportions. The layout of the human figure portrayed here was inspired by the work of Father Desiderious, a nineteenth-century priest who measured ancient Egyptian and Greek statuary to arrive at these ideal proportions. The Chakras, a Hindu yogic map of the subtle body system, are represented by spectral colored circles ascending the spinal column. From the groin to the top of the head, the chakras model a material world to spiritual world hierarchy and appear in numerous paintings in the CoSM collection. The Kabalistic Tree of Life from the mystical Hebrew tradition is represented by white circles that boarder the doorway figures in a double-pointed crystalline form. Traditionally shown as ten stations, or Sephirot, the tree grows downward from Heaven, from Kether, the highest spiritual center, to Malkuth, the manifest material world located at the feet." - Alex Grey, from Net of Being


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