Chaos/Order Paired Metallic Prints

$ 150.00

Product Description

Artist: Allyson Grey
Product Type: Print

Each of the two prints measure 8 in x 8 in square.

Framed Print Size: 12 inches x 22 inches

Chaos symbolizes the material world of entropy, disorder and unpredictability existent in every system in the physical world. Order suggest the bliss realms of unity and interconnectedness experienced in altered or transcendental states also known as Nirvana or heaven.

The dye-sublimation printing process provides the most vibrant photographic colors and definition of any type of full color printing. Proofed and designed for flawless color match and quality appearance, this aluminized print offers an easy-to-hang backing secured to each print allowing for the finest display. To best support CoSM and the building of Entheon, reproductions of Chaos and Order will be shared with collectors as an unlimited numbered edition.