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Vision Crystal Tondo by Alex Grey
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Gems - Art Blanket

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Blanket Size: 50" x 50"

This work is a language of light in spectral colors. These worlds of light occur on every level. The white light is the void that unites all forms. In the bliss realm, some of us have seen the white light surrounding all beings and things, connecting it all. My paintings honor the white light ground of being by allowing it, as much as possible, to be exposed around every cell. Now triangles.
- Allyson Grey

These cozy blankets are woven in the U.S. using 100% recycled cotton! We partner with a small mill here on the east coast of the US, so there are a limited number of blankets able to be woven per batch. Artists supporting farms & families: We hope you enjoy these blankets as much as we do!

by: Allyson Grey

$ 99.00

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