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CoSM Soulbird

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$ 60.00

Height including base: 6 inches

Base length: 3.625 inches

Base width: 1.625 inches

The soul and the winged angel are historically and archetypically fused. In Egyptian mythology the soul is associated with a human-headed bird called the Ba, which arises from the dying person as they release their final breath. This sculptural symbol combines the quad-faced angel with the body of a bird. Seeing in every direction at once indicated universal vision the wings bearing eyes indicate the flight of higher consciousness.

Each Soulbird model is made with precision here in our CoSM Studio using the latest technology in 3D printing. Once printed the pieces are each hand finished to guarantee the best quality possible. After which the pieces are individually signed by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey.

3D models are crafted with Polylactic Acid (PLA), this material is extremely bio-friendly. Made from corn it is a renewable resource, bio-degradable, and durable enough to last for generations.

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