Mystic Eye - Gold Pendant

Mystic Eye - Gold Pendant

$ 550.00

Product Description

Artist: CoSM Shop
Product Type: Jewelry

This item is made to order based on your specifications. Please be sure to order the correct size, as we cannot accommodate returns or exchanges. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

The CoSM symbol combines Alex Grey's Eye of Spirit motif with Allyson Grey's Secret Language. The circle symbolizes spirit. The triangle, represents the ascending flame of higher consciousness. The open eye is a symbol of vision and the awakened state. The alphabet is unpronounceable because there are infinite, unique ways of expressing the sacred.

This 14K gold pendant measures approximately 24 mm across with a tiny black diamond set in the center, and comes strung on a distinctive 18 inch gold box chain or leather cord with gold clasp. Special orders of rose gold and white gold can be accommodated upon request. Please email before placing your order.

The Black Diamond in this pendant is a natural diamond that has been subjected to either high pressure/high heat treatment or a totally safe form of irradiation to bring out its gorgeous color.