"Community is the ocean in which we swim."

-Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

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CoSM Journal 10, Love Edition

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Artful Masks

by Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

One - Prayer Card

Prayer Card Dimensions: 5 inches x 8 inches

This full color gloss prayer card features One painting by Alex Grey completed in 2001.

The back features Dedication to Love:

From the core of our hearts
We dedicate ourselves
To the complete and full
Expression of Love
In all our activities
And in all our relationships.
Love is the soul's medicine,
A refuge in our hearts
Protecting us from utter despair.
Finding compassion in the eyes
Of the beloved and the stranger
Gives us the courage to endure.
May Love sensitize us
With care and wisdom.
May Love help heal the sickness
And wounds of life.
May Love enable us
To forgive and accept ourselves.
May love enable us
To forgive and accept each other.
May love help us overcome
Our cruelty and bitterness,
Our greed and jealousy,
Our ignorance and delusion.
May Love rule our hearts and minds,
Directing us to reach out,
Doing our best to benefit others,
To heal suffering, to give gifts,
To create beauty in the infinite network
That is our world.
A heart of loving-kindness
Pours creative grace into the world
To alleviate pain
And mend the heart net.
To the healing art of Love
We dedicate ourselves.

by: Alex Grey

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