Chaos, Order, & Secret Writing - Fitted Hat

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Product Description

Artist: Allyson Grey
Product Type: Accessories

Chaos, Order, and Secret Writing portray symbols of the artists essentialized world view: Chaos symbolizes the material world of entropy, disorder and unpredictability existent in every system in the physical world.

Order suggest the bliss realms of unity and interconnectedness experienced in altered or transcendental states also known as Nirvana or heaven.

Secret Writing has twenty characters that are unpronounceable, corresponding to the mysterious language of creative expression.

100% Acrylic - Outer

100% Satin - Inner

This hat's design synthesizes Allyson Grey's work of Chaos (back left panel), Order (front right panel) & Secret Writing (along the back edge in the fitted, and around the front edge of the snap back) with the CoSM's Mystic Eye Logo.

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