Stainless Steel Flower of Life Laser Grid

$ 99.00

Product Description

Artist: Tedesco Art
Product Type: MAGI Gallery

Diameter - 7" Across 

10 Gauge Stainless Steel

Replicating the original image burned into the wall of the Osirian Temple this ancient Flower of Life pattern was created with laser light for the first time on this scale since ancient Egyptian times. The laser burns each of the 61 circles consecutively revealing the 13 Sacred Circles. Manufactured out of durable 10 gauge stainless steel the grid can be utilized for many functions. Using a dry erase marker you can repeatedly use the grid as a learning tool to draw the platonic solids. Washable paint can also be used to paint beautiful Mandalas. The grid is most often utilized to create powerful crystal grids to manifest different healing energies, crystals are not included.
Meditative Practice: The Flower of Life pattern created with laser light creates a Vortex of energy that quickly whirls you in a deep state of meditation that helps one to connect to deep inner energy. Stand or sit on the Grid to feel the vortex rise up the Chakras through he Crown connecting to your Higher Self and back down again. Great for meditative breath work, chanting, chakra clearing, or allow yourself to sit in the deep peace of the vortex field while in the state of being in the Now moment.

Yoga Poses and Meditation: Perform most Yoga standing or sitting poses directly on the Flower of Life Grid and submerse yourself in its energy to help condition your physical/ energetic self to higher states of awareness and meditation.

Easily clean using a scotch pad with soap and water.