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Tantra - Art Blanket

Blanket Size: 53 x 72"

During a mushroom ceremony, locked in an embrace of love with Allyson, I sensed the skin on the backs of our bodies dissolving into a deep blue field of fire fluid. Melting into a sapphire sea of love-energy that was our boundless essence to which we briefly return during the ecstatic ego oblivion of sex. It seemed as if the skin on the front of our bodies was the surface tension of ego, a bounding line of flesh that we could use to merge and transcend energetically by becoming synchronous with the primal depth of our heart union, symbolized by the enveloping aura of the lattice like Mobius egg.
- Alex Grey

These cozy blankets are woven in the U.S. using 100% recycled cotton! We partner with a small mill here on the east coast of the US, and so there are only a limited number of blankets able to be woven per batch. Artists supporting farms & families: We hope you enjoy these blankets as much as we do!

by: Alex Grey

$ 99.00

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