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Psychic Energy System - Poster

$ 35.00

Poster dimensions 24 inches x 36 inches This X-Ray view of the physical body interweaves multiple subtle energetic systems; showing...

Journey of the Wounded Healer (Panel 3) - Tapestry

$ 75.00

Pre-order item, set to ship 3-4 weeks from the date of the order. Size: 40 inches x 57 inches In...

Sacred Mirrors - Hologram Lenticular

$ 15.00

This Hologram card measures 4 inches x 8 inches featuring three works from Alex Grey's iconic Sacred Mirrors series. Psychic...

Journey of the Wounded Healer - Notecard

$ 3.00 $ 30.00

The initiate shaman is self-trapped in a dizzying vortex of evolutionary descent into the underworld realm of the dead. The...

Journey of the Wounded Healer - Paper Print

$ 1,100.00

Image Size: 20 inches x 50 inches Paper Size: 24.5 inches x 54 inches Limited Edition of 100. Each print...