An Artful New Year!

An Artful New Year!

Celebrate the changing of the seasons in style with the artful Alex Grey 2022 Calendar

This beautiful calendar features a foil embossed cover and frameable artbook-quality printing on eco-friendly FSC certified recycled paper. The 2022 Calendar includes moon phases, the wheel of the year, birthdays of psychedelic heroes, and a collection of visionary and traditional holidays & holy days.

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Saw a gentleman at the grocery store with an awesome hoody on & asked him where he bought it. He gladly shared that it was an Alex Gray design and told me to look you up on Facebook. I’m here, and I like what I see. My granddaughter is a very young 11-year-old talented artist and I’m constantly pushing her to embellish upon it and that she can go far in life with it. Now I can prove it to her by showing her your Facebook page.

Sherry Ney

Yes please

James Gronen

Can’t wait to get my hands on one!


Thank you Alex!

Brett J Dix

I have a Cosm calendar on my fridge as we speak! Looking forward to the new one. Last year I bought some and bought more on Amazon as you were out of stock! Just can’t keep enough in print!

Wendy Eden Harris

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