High Holidays at CoSM: Visionary Art and Psychedelic Culture

High Holidays at CoSM: Visionary Art and Psychedelic Culture

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM), located in upstate New York, is a sanctuary of visionary art created by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey. The High Holidays at CoSM are a time for spiritual reflection and celebration, centered around several significant dates in counterculture. Let's explore the significance of Bicycle Day,  420 Cannabis Day, Sacred Mirrors Day, and Earth Day at CoSM!

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Bicycle Day - 4/19

Bicycle Day commemorates the first intentional LSD trip taken by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann in 1943. Hofmann ingested a small dose of LSD, then rode his bicycle home from his laboratory, experiencing the full effects of the substance along the way. Bicycle Day is celebrated at CoSM as a day of exploration, creativity, and community.

Cannabis Day - 4/20

420 Cannabis Day is a celebration of the cannabis plant and its role in counterculture history. The origins of the term "420" are uncertain, but it is commonly associated with the time of day (4:20 pm) when people traditionally gather to smoke cannabis. At CoSM, 420 Cannabis Day is an opportunity to honor the healing properties of the cannabis plant, to connect with nature, and to celebrate the creativity and community that cannabis culture has inspired.

Sacred Mirrors Day - 4/21

Sacred Mirrors Day is a celebration of the iconic art series created by Allyson Grey and Alex Grey in the 1980s. The Sacred Mirrors are a collection of life-sized paintings depicting the human body, mind, and spirit in intricate detail. Each painting represents a different stage of consciousness, from the physical body to the subtle energies of the chakras, to the transcendental realms of universal consciousness. 

Earth Day - 4/22

Earth Day is a global celebration of environmental stewardship and sustainability. At CoSM, Earth Day is an opportunity to reflect on the interconnectedness of all living beings and the vital role that nature plays in our spiritual lives. 

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