Spring in CoSM Shop: A Celebration of Art, Comfort, and Style

Spring in CoSM Shop: A Celebration of Art, Comfort, and Style

Spring is finally here, and what better way to welcome the season of renewal and growth than by updating our wardrobes and surrounding ourselves with beautiful, inspiring art? CoSM Shop, the online store of Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, has just launched Spring offerings, featuring a range of new items that combine comfort, style, and creativity. 

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Rainbow Cross - Art Blanket
By Allyson Grey

Cozy and versatile, our Art Blankets are perfect for snuggling up on the couch, taking on a picnic, or using as a wall tapestry. Made of 100% cotton, our newest design features a stunning print of Allyson Grey's visionary artwork, "Rainbow Cross."

Rainbow Cross combines the cross, a symbol of life meeting death, and the rainbow, a symbol of beauty after the storm and good fortune at the rainbow's end.  -- Allyson Grey


Entheon Godhead - Zip-Up Hoodie

Made of soft and breathable fabric, this hoodie will keep you comfortable on chilly spring mornings or evenings. It features the CoSM logo on the front and a vibrant screen print of "Entheon Godhead," Alex Grey's iconic study of Entheon, on the back. 

NEW Posters by Alex Grey
Baptism in the Ocean of Awareness - Poster
Wonder - Poster
Kiss of the Muse - Posters

"Baptism in the Ocean of Awareness" reminds us that even a tiny drop of a powerful tincture can change the color of an entire container of water.
"Wonder" displays rings of rainbow light emanating from the moon while a child is gazing up at the celestial magnificence, radiating atmospheres alive with thought forms.
"Kiss of the Muse" inspires to share your presence with others, no boundaries - Completely, lovingly, openly.
Each poster is a high-quality print of Alex Grey's original artworks, ready to enhance any room with beauty and meaning.

Shop New CoSM Products

At CoSM Shop, we believe that art is not just a decorative accessory but a transformative force that can uplift our spirits, expand our minds, and connect us with the divine. That's why all our products are created with the utmost care and attention to detail, honoring the vision and values of Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. By choosing to support CoSM, you're not only getting unique and meaningful items but also contributing to the mission of CoSM to promote art, spirituality, and community.
So, whether you're a fan of Allyson Grey and Alex Grey's art, seekers of inspiration, or simply in need of some cozy and stylish essentials for the spring season, we invite you to explore and discover the beauty and magic of CoSM Shop.
Happy spring!
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