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Alex Grey

Blessing Hand Tondo - Sticker

Blessing Hand Tondo - Sticker

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Blessing Hand Tondo - Sticker
By Alex Grey

Size: 4 x 4 in.

“Blessing Hand Tondo is a piece that has been evolving for many years. It was started back in 2007 while we were operating CoSM in the Chelsea gallery/nightclub neighborhood of New York City. An amazing artist named Zachariah Gregory worked there at CoSM with us. I initially reached out to him while he was at our 2004 summer class at Omega Institute because I loved his freehand calligraphy work. We were planning on inscribing the walls of the Chapel in the City with inspiring unifying phrases and thought that he would do a great job, which he did. We did many projects together but this Blessing Hand Tondo brought our skills together. I came up with a list of many different kinds of blessings then we located them in the radiances. It took awhile to design the type and paint - it was left unfinished by both of us. Unfortunately our dear friend perished after leaving CoSM and I left the painting alone. Realizing that it would make a wonderful addition to the Tool Shrine at Entheon I started adding white highlights to all the letters and finally was finishing the painting when @adamjones_tv happened to call about a potential Tool poster for the Tour. Zach loved Tool and bet he smiled in the afterlife. Bless this Community.” - Alex Grey

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