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Allyson Grey

Eve - Sticker

Eve - Sticker

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Sticker size:  4.19" x 5"

Featured art: Eve by Allyson Grey

Can be used as a bumper sticker!

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Paintings of chaos represent a swatch and a frozen moment of an infinite, ever roiling ocean of colorful entropy where cells and systems, particles and waves are ever moving, regenerating and breaking down. A painting is a window into a vision.

In the 80's I created shaped wooden painting surfaces. Instead of being a window or encased behind glass, the shaped artifact mounted directly onto the wall. The first humanoid figures I initiated were Adam & Eve, In these two essentialized symbols, gender appears as a characteristic difference.

In a sacred relationship, both partners recognize the utter uniqueness of the other while realizing they are cut from the same cloth.

Adam & Eve, 1985

- Allyson Grey


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