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Alex Grey

Love is a Cosmic Force - Canvas Print

Love is a Cosmic Force - Canvas Print

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Image Size: 18 x 24"

Love feels like a cosmic force. We can't explain it, or measure it with instruments, yet the knowledge and experience of love is proof enough and validates the fundamental insights of the mystical traditions. Many religions declare the likeness of God and Love. Beyond the skin, primordial energies of eros channel through us. Truly miraculous that our biochemistry and anatomy support the experience of our imaginations' projections of passion.⠀ ⠀

How would the universe exist, were it not for the love rites of Shiva and Shakti? Love is the attraction tension and dynamism that plays itself out on every level in our lives. Doesn't the electron love the nucleus? Taoism abstracts this principle with the yin-yang symbol. Hinduism and tantric Buddhism use symbols of the union of cosmic lovers: Shiva and Shakti or Samantabadhra and Samantabhadri. Temporal form is secretly and erotically interpenetrated by timeless, formless primordial reality. This is the real sacred marriage, the true "hieros gamos." Love is the mystic background to the foreground of the surface reality.

- Alex Grey


Limited Edition of 300. Each print is proofed, numbered & signed by Alex Grey.

Price will increase as the edition reaches its end.

This archival limited edition print was printed on canvas with a black border.

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