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Alex Grey

Polar Unity Spiral - Screen Printed Tee

Polar Unity Spiral - Screen Printed Tee

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Polar Unity Spiral - Screen Printed Tee
By Alex Grey

Shirt Color: White

"Behind closed eyes, during my first LSD journey, there was an endless spirallic tunnel I called the Polar Unity Spiral. Being in the dark but heading toward the light, it seemed the light was source intelligence calling me forward. This mystic breakthrough at the age of 21, and meeting Allyson the same night, truly was my spiritual rebirth canal.

Like many people after their first LSD experience, I was instantly drawn toward psychology, spirituality, and philosophy regarding the nature of self and consciousness. Suddenly there were alot more dimensions to reality.

My first works of Psychedelic Visionary Art were the creation of the Polar Unity Spiral in 1975. The large one got destroyed but I still have the small one." - Alex Grey

Artisan Quality |  Durable/Vibrant/Soft

Screen Printed by Hand locally in the Hudson Valley, NY
"We print using water-based & discharge inks exclusively. We do this to give you the best quality print possible. A print that is durable, vibrant and soft. A print that we are proud to show you and you will be proud to wear." - Artisan Screen Printer

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