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Alex Grey

Solstice Angel - Short Sleeve Tee

Solstice Angel - Short Sleeve Tee

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"On the Winter Solstice, the longest darkest night of 2020, I had a vision of the Angel of Creativity. It was translucent and holding a glassy pinecone and a drip of Amrita, which seemed like a reference to the pineal gland and DMT. The body was about the size of a small bird, like a crow, and composed of symbols of healing and Bodhisattvic feather handtips emanated from the luminescent being. Though it only appeared for a moment in my mind, it felt like a pilot light for making art fused with commitment to serve a higher purpose."

- Alex Grey

Fabric Content: 100% super soft Cotton

Black short sleeve tee featuring a screen printed image of "Solstice Angel" by Alex Grey on the front and a small CoSM logo on the back between the shoulder blades.

The screen prints on these shirts are done by hand: some variation in placement is to be expected as they are a hand printed product.

Standard Unisex/Mens Tee Sizing.

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