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Alex Grey

Collective Vision - Holographic Screen Print

Collective Vision - Holographic Screen Print

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Collective Vision - Holographic Screen Print
Signed and numbered by Alex Grey

Paper size: 24 x 24"
Limited Edition of 275

Price may increase as the edition becomes more rare.

Please be aware that there may be paper irregularities as a result of the printing process.

"The many faces of Collective Vision united by the mandalic eye-field suggest both expansion of consciousness and sharing of consciousness with other beings. The painting was based on a profoundly ego dissolving entheogenic mystical trance where I heard the words, 'Infinite Oneness... the Oneness should never forget the Infinitude and the Infinitude should never forget the Oneness..."  — Alex Grey

Each screen print in this edition is hand pulled on thick rainbow holographic paper. Subtle differences between pulls will make each print unique and are a sign of the hand made nature. 

Copyright for this image is owned by the artist. Reproduction without permission from the artist is unlawful.

Paper prints endure when properly framed, spaced behind UV filtered glass and kept from direct moisture & light.

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