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Alex Grey

Angel of Art - Art Blanket

Angel of Art - Art Blanket

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Angel of Art - Art Blanket
By Alex Grey

Approx. Size: 52 x 80 in.

The arts are therapeutic and emotionally cathartic for most of us. Art has a healing function, and if we didn't have our uncensored and free creative outlet or enjoy other people's music, dance, theater, sculpture, painting, and cinema, there would be a lot more sick and hateful people in this world. A world without art would leave us bereft of a language of beauty; we would lose access to one of the primary ways that spirit reaches people. Fortunately, as long as humans exist, a world without art cannot occur, because where there are people, there is art. - Alex Grey

These cozy blankets are woven in the U.S. using 100% recycled cotton! We partner with a small mill here on the east coast of the US, so there are a limited number of blankets able to be woven per batch. Artists supporting farms & families: We hope you enjoy these blankets as much as we do!

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